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SPL is an industrial supplier for mining, plantation, timber and marine transportation sectors.   SPL was first established in 1999, after foreseeing a vast potential market in South Kalimantan. SPL started by supplying goods to the timber sector before branching out to other fast growing sectors.
After several years in operation, which coincide with excellent economic growth in the region due to the boom in coal mining and palm plantation sectors, SPL has grown its business from these two sectors. In the beginning, SPL was only supplying spareparts of heavy machineries for timber sector. Further as it started develop its vision and mission, SPL branched out into supplying steel materials, pipes, spare parts for palm oil mill, equipments for plantation & coal mining, technical and safety equipments, and workshop materials. Driven by awareness and attention from related sectors to the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) aspects, SPL has taken the lead as a complete supplier for safety equipment since 2001.
SPL has established cooperation with several domestic and overseas producers and distributors to support its vision to become a mostly sought supplier in Kalimantan Region. With its solid management team, SPL has been working professionally and diligently along with its mission.


To become a Supplier, recognized and sought after by all related Industries.


To provied all industries with best service, quality goods, as well as competitive pricing in delivering customer satisfaction.